Testimonies from Lord of Lords

Lord of Lords Bible Community Church has at the core of our fellowship a growing expectation. We are beginning to see more and more eyes opened and hearts understanding that God’s call upon our community of faith is not supposed to be the same old things. We’ve been studying the power of God in healing, deliverance, guidance, protection, and provision. We have been seeking to be filled with the Spirit and release the gifts of the Holy Spirit within us in greater faith. What has been the outcome? The outcome has been a greater awareness of God’s grace and will. Moreover, we have begun to see results.

Below you can read collections of real stories from members of our church. 

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audio testimonies

Below are some audio files of testimonies shared at our church during Sunday worship service.


Her test results disappeared! She shares how she at first didn't recognize

or acknowledge what God had done for her in answering her prayers.


She had a ganglion Cyst the size of half a golf ball growing on her foot.

She prayed in the name of Jesus that it would go away and it did.


She shares of asking God for help and she got it in very special way.

Karen B

She shares about when she accepted the Lord and struggling with her walk.


He shares about an employee needing heart surgery and after praying for him it was

discovered during surgery that the need was not there.


He had badly injured his back and had gone to the doctor and chiropractor and after nearly a month was no better; he came to the altar and received prayer and within a week he was healed.

Karen M

She suffered with a frozen shoulder for over four months and during Seek Him Time received her healing.


She shares about having sickness and pain and after prayer feeling it all leave.


He shares how God's hand of protection kept him from being brutally beaten by over thirty men.


She shares her determination and reception of healing for her eyes.