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All of these booklets were created out of messages shared at our church. 

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  • This book, written by our founding pastor, is about the tension revealed in scripture. We sometimes ignore passages we don't like or understand in order to make things fit together. When we remove the tensions present in scripture, we'll find ourselves to the right or the left, instead of being on the straight and narrow road that leads us to life in His grace.

  • It is God’s will that we be certain, firm, convinced, knowing and therefore established in faith! Faith is not a vague overall hope but rather faith knows God’s Word and therefore knows His will.

  • We are the beloved. We are the loved, the pursued, the sought. God wants our attention, our focus, our love returned by an act of our will to receive, accept, and experience His love!

  • Consider this truth; you have the faith of Christ, because it has great comfort and power in it. Our confidence transfers from our own faith in believing God to understanding that we are operating in Jesus’ faith through us.

  • Our sins are fully paid in Christ. Do not pay attention to the law’s judgements against us. We have passed from judgment to life in Jesus; we are dead to it as if we died. The curse of the law has been satisfied in Christ Jesus; therefore, we are free from the consequences of sin and the curse.

  • Healing is a major aspect of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been said that as much as eighty percent of Jesus’ ministry was spent healing and delivering the people. It is one of the ways God intends to draw all unto Himself. 

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